Christian Dior was once quoted to have said, “After women, flowers are the most divine creations”.

I, as well, as one can imagine, am a strong believer that flowers are indeed a divine creation.  It is for this reason then that I believe a flower never goes to waste.  In my designing, though, there are times when I have one too many flowers for a piece.  That is, for the piece.  However, that flower will not go to waste.  It was recently when I was admiring a few left over flowers, thinking of placing them in a small vase for myself, another quote came to mind.

I was in my very early 20’s, maybe, if that, when a coworker (or maybe she was a prophet!) shared some infinite wisdom with me, “Give flowers to the living”.  I don’t recall the exact content that led her to share this with me at the moment, but I remember what she explained she meant by it.  At the moment, being well into her 60s, she shared she too early on learned that all too often it isn’t until someone passes away that we ever gift flower.  But she didn’t limit the idea of giving the simple, sincere gesture of flowers only to the decease.  She considered the kind words we often say of those that pass, words we may have never spoken or even thought when living.  While I do hope you never have dealt with the pain of loss, but for those that have, perhaps, like me, this rings true.

Dear Miss Price, whether this side of heaven or there, I hope I meet you again to tell you how very wise, and very true those words would be for me!

Whether it is to throw a few flowers in a mason jar for your neighbor to enjoy with their breakfast, to create a small wreath for a family member, or to gift to yourself to set by your favorite sitting spot, let not your flowers go to waste.  Let not your flowers, your kind words, acts of love, your sincere compliments be wasted for the dead.  Instead, give flowers to the living.  Your words and kind gestures have power, carrying a sweet aroma in itself.  Consider yourselves always equipped with flowers, and again, give flowers to the living.