As we tidy up and finish out, thankfully, another year, many of us are taking the time to reflect and recharge.  Creatively, we are taking sober moments to meditate on what changes we want for ourselves for next year and methods to make them happen… Ways to improve our health, our relationships—ways to get a little bit closer to our dreams.  As we set these plans in motion, we’re making moves to take year-long (or longer) dreams to goals. But as we embrace the new year and look ahead, let us face these goals with realistic lens.  Dreams are not enough.

It’s been a particularly challenging, yet exciting year, and the next several months will be what I believe even more difficult with the responsibilities lying ahead.  Yet, it’s time to put these fears aside, and take dreams with details, plans and methods to make them reality. 

Give flight to dreams.  Create.

Don’t let your hopeful self today be disappointed.  Design your dreams, yes.  But also plan to bring forth those visions to life. 


May we not forget the heart.  I do not doubt we creative thinkers, artists and dreamers desire anything more than to be better at matters of the heart. 

More kind, more gentle, more compassionate, more graceful.

See to it in your creative process as you set your goals that your inner reflections include that of your heart.  

There is no success greater than the work of a gentle heart.

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart”.

Jane Austen